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First Nations Child and Family Caring Society Decision Expected

A decision from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on the complaint of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society (“FNCFCS”) against Indian and Northern Affairs is expected this month. The Government of Canada, under Stephen Harper, tried to block this complaint from being heard on the merits, and used every legal tool available to delay and complicate the proceedings. Let's hope those days are over.

Filed in 2007, the basic allegation of FNCFCS is that the Government of Canada under-funds child welfare services for on-reserve First Nations children. Provinces fund child welfare services at a higher level, and FNCFCS says that the federal government's under-funding of child welfare services has a systemic discriminatory impact on the lives of Aboriginal children living on...

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$161,737 for Lost Wages Awarded to Person with a Developmental Disability

DISABILITY — EQUAL PAY / Decision on an application alleging discrimination in employment on the basis of disability. The applicant, who is a person with a developmental delay, alleged that while she performed substantially the same duties as general labourers who did not have developmental disabilities, she was paid significantly less. The Tribunal found that the pay differential was a...

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Customer Racially Profiled at Pharmacy

"[T]he respondent store argued that Ms. Balachandra could not have racially profiled and discriminated against the applicant because she is also a racialized woman. Ms. Balachandra is South Asian. I disagree. In my view, it is not in dispute among well-informed, reasonable persons that racial stereotypes about persons of Black African descent exist in South Asian communities in both South Asia and Canada. Furthermore, South Asian individuals in Canada who hold such stereotypes and are in...

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