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A New Era for Human Rights in Canada

A breath of fresh air just blew through the Canadian human rights community. That breath of fresh air has a name: Marie-Claude Landry, the new Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

First of all, as the newly appointed Chief Commissioner she undertook a cross-country consultation with human rights groups and equality-seekers to introduce herself and to listen. She asked: what support are human rights groups looking for? and what does the Commission need to do now? A lot of diverse groups across the country told Ms. Landry that the Canadian Human Rights Commission needs to have a strong public presence and be a voice for human rights. They told her that they need her to speak up.

Canada's human rights institutions matter. They are the public voice for...

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$161,737 for Lost Wages Awarded to Person with a Developmental Disability

DISABILITY — EQUAL PAY / Decision on an application alleging discrimination in employment on the basis of disability. The applicant, who is a person with a developmental delay, alleged that while she performed substantially the same duties as general labourers who did not have developmental disabilities, she was paid significantly less. The Tribunal found that the pay differential was a...

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Indo-Canadian Veterinarians Discriminated Against

"I have concluded that race-based stereotypes played a role and, in some cases, a significant role, in the BCVMA's dealings with the complainants, including negative generalized views about the credibility and ethics of Indo-Canadians in relation to their veterinary practices. I find there was clear evidence of such views held by persons of influence in the BCVMA, that the BCVMA was aware, or ought reasonably to have been aware of this, and that it largely ignored, and condoned, the...

Human Rights Digest 16-6, August / September 2015