Same-Sex Couple Denied Accommodation in B & B

Eadie v. Riverbend Bed and Breakfast (No. 2) (2012), CHRR Doc. 12-0247, 2012 BCHRT 247

SEXUAL ORIENTATION — RELIGION AND CREED — PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION — REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION / Decision on a complaint of discrimination in services on the basis of sexual orientation. The Tribunal found that the respondents, operators of a bed and breakfast, denied the complainants a service and did not accommodate them to the point of undue hardship because of their sexual orientation. The Tribunal determined that while the business was operated by individuals with sincere religious beliefs respecting same-sex couples, and it was operated out of their personal residence, it was still a commercial activity subject to the laws of the province. The respondents were ordered to pay the complainants $3,000 for injury to dignity and self-respect, $680 for expenses related to the hearing and $850 for wage loss. Allowed: July 17, 2012.

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