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Time for Canada to Shelve the Excuses

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, in its latest decision on remedy in the First Nations Family and Child Caring Society case (CHRR Doc. 18-3021), rejects a series of arguments made by the Attorney General of Canada (“Canada”) that would have the effect of gutting the Tribunal's capacity to deal with discrimination or provide a remedy for it. It is impossible to read this decision without asking: why does Canada want to do this? why try, in litigation, to deconstruct the powers of the institution Canada established to protect the human rights of the most disadvantaged people?


Fortunately, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal repudiates these arguments clearly, but also, understandably, with some palpable irritation. This case has been before the Tribunal since 2010, and...

What Was Said

Tribunal Issues More Remedial Orders in Caring Society Case

“The building of a Nation-to-Nation relationship cannot be more significant than by stopping the unnecessary removal of Indigenous children from their respective Nations. Reforming the practice of removing children to shift it to a practice of keeping children in their homes and Nations will create a channel of reconciliation. This is the true spirit of reconciliation. This is the goal. This is hope. This is love in action. This is justice.”


Human Rights Digest 19-2, March/April 2018