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Moving Forward: A Vision for Strengthened International Human Rights Implementation in Canada

Federal, provincial and territorial Ministers responsible for human rights met in Gatineau, Quebec between December 10 and 12, 2017, to discuss key priorities of their governments in relation to the implementation of Canada's international human rights obligations. Statutory human rights laws, commissions and tribunals are key instruments and institutions for fulfilling the human rights that Canada has endorsed in international human rights treaties, and for providing remedies when those rights are violated. Representatives from human rights commissions were present at this historic meeting.

A small group of Indigenous organizations and civil society groups were invited to attend.  This is their joint statement.

Almost seven decades ago...

What Was Said

Jurisdiction to Decide Unionized Worker Complaint

"In summary, the complainant had an individual right under the Code to make a claim of discrimination against the NRHA, separate and apart from any other rights she enjoyed as a unionized worker under the collective agreement. The human rights issues in this case are much broader than simply whether there was just cause to terminate the complainant's employment which was not an issue that the Chief Adjudicator could consider because it involved the operation of the collective...

Human Rights Digest 18-8, November/December 2017