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Human Rights Awards for Sexual Harassment and Assault Get Serious

At the time of the #MeToo movement, examination of available procedures for obtaining remedies for sexual harassment and sexual assault has become particularly important. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario issued a recent decision in G.M. v. X Tattoo Parlour that demonstrates an additional way in which human rights complaints can assist women who are harassed and assaulted.

Customarily, in human rights complaints filed by women who are harassed at work, both the facts and the remedy are decided by a Tribunal.  In the case of G.M., however, the facts were decided by Justice J.M. Grossman of the Ontario Court of Justice in May 2016 in a criminal hearing of charges against the respondent. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ruled solely on remedy, awarding G.M. $75,000...

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Treatment of Homeless Persons Not Proven to be Discriminatory

“Before the Tribunal, the complainant did not seek to provide an explanation of the connection between street homelessness and Aboriginal background or between physical and mental disabilities and homelessness. Rather, it simply relied on statistical evidence to show that Aboriginal people and those with disabilities were more prevalent among the street homeless than in the general population. Intuitively, the association between homelessness on the one hand and Aboriginal heritage or...

Human Rights Digest 19-3, May/June 2018